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Ytre Billefjordelva - Gorbovuonjohka

Ytre Billefjordelva is managed by Vestre Porsanger JFF. The river is small and intimate, and flows thrugh a lush river valley. The river has rapids and whitewater, with small pools in between. The E6 crosses the river close to the estuary. To get upstream you need to travel by foot.

A single handed rod or light spin fishing is ideal for the river. You do not need waders, unless you plan on crossing the river.

The fishing licence is purchased at Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum.

Fishing regulations:

Fishing period:

  • Salmon: 1. June - 31. August
  • Sea trout: 1. June - 31. August / 14. September*
    *In September, sea trout fishing is only allowed below the E6 bridge.

Conservations rules

  • There is a conservation zone from the confluence Gorbovunjohka and Ruvžajohka and upstream as far salmon occurs
  • Fishing from the mountain below the waterfall is prohibited (signposted).
  • In August all fishing above the waterfall is prohibited.
  • Private properties may be closed for fishing. These areas are marked with signposts
  • Fishing for sea char is not permitted.
    Preservation and prohibition zones are signposted along the watercourse.

Disinfection of equipment

Anyone who buys a fishing permit must disinfect fishing equipment. You will find the rules and routines for this at Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum. The rules apply mainly to those who live outside Finnmark and/or abroad. Equipment used outside the country's borders must be disinfected before use. Equipment used in waterways where there is suspected or proven infectious disease must be disinfected before use.


  • After 10. July it’s only permitted with fly fishing or worm without sinker.
  • After 10. July it’s only permitted to use floating lines.
  • After 31. July it’s only permitted with fly fishing.

Fishing permit

  • Fishing permits can be purchased at Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum. The national fee must be presented upon purchase if buyer is older than 18 years of age.
  • Persons with a permanent recidency in Porsanger or members with a permanent recidency in Finnmark have the rights to purchase season tickets.
  • Youth/children younger than 16 years of age fish for free, but have to have a licence for reporting purposes.
  • Catch report is mandatory. The deadline for reporting is 15. September.

Licence prices (NOK):

  Day Week Season
Members 80 320 550
Citizens of Porsanger 100 400 750
Citizens of Finnmark 100 400  
Citizens of Norway 150 600  
Foreign citizens 200 800  


Have a nice trip and tight lines!

Vestre Porsanger jeger- og fiskerforening

Contact supervision:
Berit Thomassen - +47 41642246 – River supervisor/board member
Dag-Rune Johansen - +47 48286585 – Board member
Svein-Tore Johansen - +47 48207067 – Board member

General information about salmon fishing

Det er påkrevet med fiskekort i våre anadrome elver. Fiskekortsalget organiseres enten gjennom kortsalgsportalen du nå er inne på, eller gjennom våre forpakteres kotsalgsløsninger. Forpakternes kontaktinformasjon finner du i dette kartet.

Fiskereglene varierer mellom de ulike vassdragene. Fiskereglene er beskrevet inne på hver enkelt elvs salgssiden, eller på forpakternes hjemmesider.

Skal du fiske etter laks, sjøørret eller sjørøye i vassdrag, må du betale den statlige fiskeravgiften. Barn og ungdom under 18 år skal ikke betale fiskeravgift. 

Fiske etter laks, sjøørret og sjørøye i disse vassdragene forvaltes ikke av FeFo. For informasjon om disse vassdragene, trykk på lenkene nedenfor.